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4-akselin säädettävä terän opaspäivityssarja (HD36V2)
Compatible with: HD36V2 HD36 LM34


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Product Details

4-Axis adjustable blade guide technology provides control without compromise. Its patented pivoting shaft block to trunnion block geometry featuring a nominal fulcrum delivers precise fine-adjust control over both blade guides on the for-aft plane. The state-of-the-art dual-technology guides pair ceramic blocks with bearing-equipped heat-treated steel rollers to protect against deflection forces exerted on the blade and deliver precise cuts.

Ensure straight and precise cuts every time.

- Includes upgrade for operator’s side and non-operator’s side guides
- Precision-machined billet aluminum trunnion blocks
- Heat-treated steel blade guide rollers
- Upgraded water line hose nozzle 

Upgrade for Superior 4-Axis Blade Control

Calibrate the blade guide along four different axes with patented technology to ensure it's perfectly aligned for making the best cuts. With the 4-Axis Adjustable Blade Guide Upgrade you precisely control the up and down, forward and backward, side to side, and blade pitch plane settings to make sure the blade stays straight and cuts precisely.

Make smoother, straighter cuts

Misaligned blade guides can lead to poor lumber quality, including off-dimension cuts and wavy boards, rough finishes due to blade flutter, and higher operating costs from increased blade wear. With our advanced technology 4-Axis Adjustable Blade Guide, finely tune your sawmill for precision performance, countering blade deflection and maximizing cutting quality.

One of the main consequences of misaligned blade guides is the inability to produce precise cuts. Blade lifting and diving are particularly frustrating problems that can stem from misalignment or incorrect blade tensioning. These issues can lead to uneven surface or rough finish on cut materials, significantly impacting the performance and output quality of portable sawmills. This not only results in material wastage,but it also often means further processing of boards is needed to meet quality standards.