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Liikkuvuus HD38 HD36V2



Move your sawmill from job to job through your woodlot right to your milling site. The HD38 and HD36V2 Mobility Bundle includes a single solid axle, reversible leaf springs, two full-size 13” galvanized wheels, running lights, wiring harness, safety chains, 2” (50 mm) coupler, and 6 support jacks with adjustable support outriggers. It accommodates a standard 16-foot (4.8 m) log deck. The 60” Peavey with an aluminum handle is indispensable for rolling logs around the woodlot and onto the mill. Use it to grip 8” to 32” diameter logs or jab the peavey point into the ground to gain extra torque for log rolling.

For a longer log deck, add a pair of support jacks (Item No. LM34-SJ2) to support the optional 4-foot bed extension (Item No. LM34-41130). A maximum of one 4-foot bed extension is permitted on a mobility-equipped sawmill.

The bundle includes:

  • HD3X-41150: Mobility kit (including 6 support jacks)
  • PV 060: Peavey 60” (150cm)
Compatible with: HD38 HD36V2


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Chat with a Norwood specialist.

Standard, Norwood band sawmills are 16-feet long (4.8m) so you can cut upto 13 -feet (4m) long depending on the model.

To saw longer, add optional 4-foot (1.2m) log deck extensions. You can saw logs of any length in stationary configuration – some Norwood owners are sawing logs over 40-feet (12.1m) long!If you want to add the trailer system to your Norwood, you can still add bed extensions, but cannot go as long.

With the HD36V2 or HD38, you could add one permanent 4-ft (1.2m) log deck extension and up to two 2-ft (0.6m) detachable extensions to saw logs up to 21-feet (6.4m).

You bet. Maybe you’d be interested in a free telephone consultation with a Norwood sawmilling specialist? Even just a few minutes can be time well spent to explore your wood processing needs with a professional, and to match you with the perfect sawmill configuration for your milling operation. 

If you would like to take us up on this offer, please let us know your telephone number and email address and we will make sure we connect with you.

Rest assured, there is no obligation. This is a service we are happy to provide future sawyers.

Norwood has specialized in engineering and building portable sawmills since 1993. With tens of thousands of Norwoods hard at work in over 100 countries worldwide, they’ve proven that they’re reliable.

If you have more questions please visit our FAQs or contact us at any time.