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Cobaltized sawmill blades are meant for milling tough woods.

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Cobaltized Portable Sawmill Band Blades


Norwood Cobaltized sawmill blades are meant for milling tough woods like barn beams, telephone poles, railway ties, and logs riddled with nails. Engineered strong enough to cut through steel nails and stand up to the demands of the pallet industry, Norwood’s 15/16” pitch cobaltized bi-metal blades are made of two steels: the blade back is fatigue-resistant carbon-steel while the tips are tough high-speed steel (a steel alloy containing tungsten, molybdenum, chrome, cobalt and vanadium).



1 ⅜" Norwood Cobaltized Sawmill Band Blades
Blade Length
  • LumberMate LM29
  • LumberLite ML26
  • LumberMate Mark 1 to 4
  • LumberMate 2000*
  • LumberLite LL24
  • LumberPro HD36
  • LumberMate Pro MX34
1 3/8" x 144” x 15/16 ” (Sold individually) (Item No. 41475)
1 3/8” x 167” x 15/16 ” (Sold individually) (Item No. BLDS-CB1387)

IMPORTANT: In all cases, regular and precise blade maintenance is critical to milling straight, smooth lumber and prolonging blade life. Sharpen your blades at least every couple hours of milling and reset the teeth regularly. Sorry, there is no warranty on consumable items such as belts, blades, ceramics or hoses.


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Cobaltized Sawmill Band Blades

Cobaltized sawmill blades are meant for milling tough woods.

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